GNSS Blockset

The GRANADA GNSS Blockset (formerly known as GRANADA Factored Correlator Model) is a Simulink library that provides a swift, flexible, and realistic way of simulating different signal processing architectures, either of standalone GNSS receivers or multi-system solutions.
It is directed to a wide variety of users – from industry to research – who require simulation speed as well as to access and control internal receiver signals and model system interactions.
Based on an analytical model of a GNSS receiver’s correlator outputs (the Factored Correlator Model, FCM), it precludes the need for the simulation of low-level signal processing stages, herefore allowing a great increase in simulation speed while still accounting for correlation losses due to different effects.
The GRANADA GNSS Blockset includes a dynamics simulator, propagation channel model, numerous GNSS receiver components, and other utilities to be used with the correlator outputs model, allowing a fast and easy setup of a GNSS receiver’s tracking loops.
The new 3.0 release builds upon release 2.0 of the GRANADA FCM Blockset, adding functionality, speed, and ease of use.
Fast GNSS receiver simulation. Allowing near real-time simulation of correlator outputs, the FCM is the smart choice for the early stages of receiver architecture design and test and for the fast simulation of standalone or hybrid systems where inter-system coupling must be considered.

Realistic modelling. The FCM accounts for correlation losses due to carrier phase and frequency errors, code phase error, code Doppler, and multipath. The model was validated using theoretical and GRANADA Bit-True as well as results obtained with an actual hardware receiver, highlighting its reliability and accuracy.

Flexibility. Access to deep receiver signals (I and Q measurements) provides the necessary freedom to design novel algorithms for signal tracking, lock detection, noise level estimation, multipath mitigation, etc., as well as to develop new receiver architectures for single or multi-system devices. Each effect may be included or not, varying the model’s accuracy and allowing the analysis of particular parts of the receiver architecture independently.

Multi-channel. The GRANADA GNSS Blockset allows the simultaneous simulation of multiple receiver channels under representative conditions (in terms of dynamics, satellite visibility, signal power, and multipath) for different GNSS bands, including GPS L1/L2/L5 and Galileo E1/E6/E5a/E5b/E5 signals.
Graphical user interface
The Simulink graphical user interface allows an intuitive and functional organisation of the different components, easy access to internal signals, and their visualisation.

Single PC under Windows: Pentium IV with 512 Mbytes of RAM or higher.
MATLAB/Simulink release 2009b or higher


GNSS Blockset datasheet


GNSS Blockset video demonstration


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